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"..Inside your heart is heaven in a world becoming hell.." [entries|friends|calendar]

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[14 Nov 2005|10:33pm]
so my bday is in like 2days and a couple hours & i jus wanna say fuck it all....im so miserable on my bday this is gonna blow so badly....not only am i sick but im gonna hav to go to the police station tomorrow hopefully i wont hav work tomorrow...i dunno though...im on-call so if they get busy there im gonna hav to go in if not another day off...i hav nuttin to do wit this fuckin kid...i never liked him hes a scumbag & hes gonna run around runnin his fuckin mouth bout me...i dont think so...theres to much shit goin on in my life for me to hav to worry bout this shit...yea i sucked his dick 3 times...yea ok i hated that kid i wouldnt go anywhere near him if i was paid a million dollars...id rather b killed then hav to suck his fuckin dick...im a fuckin slut ok watever go ahead & say wat u want i dont care...now hes threatenin me...i wish i could hav my brother go beat the fuckin shit outta him...but i no he would & i wouldnt want my brother gettin in trouble over him hes not fuckin worth it...i dunno im gonna go im jus soo pissed off & i cant nor anyone else comment bak to him on myspace so im lettin out steam on here...cuz if someone comments bak to him i might not b able to press charges...& i want him to go to jail or something...i think it would b fun as hell...k bye love everyone...
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summers startin 2 end schools comin soon my lucks been gettin worse & worse... [17 Aug 2005|03:31am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

so i lost my cell phone last nite...i had 2 go buy another 1 2day...i love it...im jus pissed i lost it...then sunday i was comin home from the mall 2 pick up jess & go 2 rach's party & i stoped 2 get gas...im on the phone wit jess & im tellin her im on my way & wat not & the gas pumper dude was like both tires on passenger side r flat pull bak there & blow them up...so i was like ok thanks...so i blow them up & im on my way...i go 2 shoprite i pick up jess i go home then i go 2 matts...next day i came home from matts dropped off jess went home & went 2 sleep...then i lost my cell phone that nite...then i picked up jess 2day & we were goin 2 buy ciggs & i stopped 2 get air in my tired cuz they were both felt flat again...same side & everything...so i stop & get some air in my tires & realize...some1 tried 2 slit my tires...it looks like they were walkin past my car wit a knife tried 2 stab the tire & couldnt get it all the way...now theres jus this lil peice that hangs around...erg...i dunno how 2 explain it...if u saw it u would understand...but im jus so frustrated wit this fuckin world...like come on...grow up people...if i ever find out who did it i swear 2 god im gonna punch their fuckin lights out...& i will find out who it is...people dont realize that shit that happens in j-town if it has anything 2 do wit me or any1 i no or is relivantly important in my life it ALL gets bak 2 me...i always find out everything & every1 nos this...i dunno when every1s gonna come 2 there senses & stop bein such fuckin retarts...watever im stressed 2 the limit...i jus wanna go play some nintendo...yea baby i so totally fuckin kick ass at it now...


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fuck everything... [16 Jul 2005|02:44am]
so alot has been goin on...im not gettin in2 anything bc if i do i no ill jus get bitched at by some1...so im jus gonna say this alot of weird stuff has been goin on lately & im gonna find out the truth sooner or later...& if its wat i think shit will b hittin the roof, fall hit the floor & bounce bak up a couple more times & hit the roof...yea its that damn bad...im hurt, crushed & completely torn apart on the inside...& if it turns out im rite bout this shit im probably gonna end up in jail...or a insane asylum...i jus cant believe people anymore...i feel like everything & every1 i could count on has jus crumbled beneath me & i hav nuttin left to stand on...like i could jus fall over any second & it would b alright wit every1 around...i dunno wat 2 do anymore or who 2 talk 2...i feel like every1 i talk 2 is jus noddin their heads & agreein not even payin attention 2 wat im sayin...so y bother talkin 2 them...then other people this involves so i cant go talk 2 them...whos left when every1 is taken away?? when every1 has jus kinda taken a big step bakwards at the same time...when all u hav left is faded memories & old photographs of how things used 2 b...god i wish we could jus rewind & go bak in time...<33
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...i carved your name into a bullet so you'd be the last thing going through my head... [21 May 2005|02:44am]
[ mood | dorky ]

ok wow so i dont believe in updatin anymore...against my religion or some shit like that...i dunno...well...hmm...im havin lots of problems...i hav no friends i need someone to talk to that can help me like oh i dunno alot...lol...i dont feel good...my tumtum has been botherin me a lot lately...i think im gettin sick or some shit like that...in june me & jess & momma dukes & aunt donna & alyssa r goin to florida...i cant wait...so i hav a four day weekend this week...amazin...then next weekend i hav a three day weekend...than a two...haha...sorry...i no i no im a loser...i jus got off the phone after almost four hours...hott damn...lol...well yea im like fallin alseep at the keyboard...i gotta get up in a couple hours & pick up jessica from work & take her to get a county id...i wanna go shoppin u dumb hoe...god...ok...well ima go get some sleep...bye byez...

Mucho Love..

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wooo hooo.... [03 Jan 2005|04:45am]
wow i havnt updated in sooooooooo long...im soo bored rite now...i hav 2 get up 4 school at 5:30ish...more like 5:15 cuz i dunno how long its gonna take 2 do my hair...but anyways...this winter break was the best 1 ever & probably the best week ever...christmas nite pam picked me up & we went 2 jess's aunts(aunt cindy) & we were hangin out...then we left & went 2 the pool hall & stuff..then the day after christmas me jess & pam went 2 the movies...it was cute...then we went 2 susies & wound up makin plans wit this kid from sayerville 2 hang out wit him..then plans changed & we wound up goin up there...but it was a good thing...me susie pam jess & brian & his friend matt were all hangin at brians...then we went 2 the pool hall & then 2 the diner...it was soo much fun...matt is soo hott...i dont remember wat happened the next day i think pam went home...then she came bak the next day wit brian...another brian...& we went 2 play pool & then went 2 the diner(u pickin up a pattern 4 us? lol) & we saw dez & jimmy & i went 2 throw a fry & them & i missed & threw it at the table behind them...it was sooooo funny..then they left the next day...& then matt & brian came down...it was funn..then it was new years eve & we got completely drunk in my basement & it was piss urself fun..then new years day me jess & susan went 2 jess's grandmas(grandmas) 4 jess's great grandpas b-day & he called me fat..then got yelled at & took it bak & said chunky..it was great..then we went bak 2 jess's & hung out..& then i went home & now i cant go 2 sleep & i gotta get up in a couple mins...blah..byez...

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[21 Nov 2004|04:28pm]
[ mood | angry ]

blah..well last week was fun..wed was my b-day so i went & got my license..it was fun..then i went 2 my aunts & stuff..then thursday meg came home wit me & trish went home wit her & it was illegal..lol..we all hung out drove around meg spit on my window..it was funny..then i dropped meg off & we were on our way bak 2 fuckin jess's leavin megs & i pull over & decide 2 let jess drive..holy shit..we almost died..now i no 2 wear my seltbelt at ALL times..lol..that dashboard kinda hurts when u fly in2 it..lmao..then after she almost killed us i drove 2 hampshire hills..& i let trish & jess take turns drivin..& i taught them k-turns even tho jess does them at like 1mph..its crazy..trish was a good driver tho..but mayb i should wait till u guyz get ur lisence 2 let u drive lol..but trish is grounded & isnt aloud 2 drive 4 a week anyways lol..then friday me & jess went 2 the mall & we came home & i hung out at my house then went 2 jess's..then saturday we werent ever at a house..we had a slow speed chase/get-a-way at alicias..then we went shopin & went 2 the outlets..then we went 2 jess & had a movie nite..funny thing is we never watch any movies..but i stayed outside almost all nite wit trish,hope,brother,scott,& dean..i was so pissed off at bree i didnt wanna go near her..& i got an attitude bout me bein outside..well 2 bad i new i was..i chose 2 stay out there away from her..erg..god damn fuck shit..im in the worst mood ever rite now..when i finally fell asleep i got woken up & i didnt feel good so i was bein told i was grumpy & as i was tryin 2 sleep i hear my name gettin tossed around..erg..im jus so grumpy..i wanna get a fuckin car & jus drive 2 no where..AHHHHHH...

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[15 Nov 2004|08:02pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

worst week of my fuckin life..well everything but 1 thing..pixie got in2 a car accident on monday & she died..RIP..i love u hunni..tuesday i didnt go 2 school 2 much 2 handle..wed i went no1 else did..thursday i went home wit susie after school & hung out then me susie jess & melissa went 2 the wake..it was wayy wayy 2 fuckin sad..then alot peeps came bak 2 susies afterwards & crashed there..it was funny..then friday we went 2 the funeral..it was super sad..i sat there in tears i jus couldnt stop..i mean im not even over my g-ma & i new it was comin when that happened & that was 4 years ago..no1 was prepared 4 jess..its gonna take a long ass time 2 get over it..then after the funeral i went 2 susies again & hung out then went 2 slaps..then bree,larry,shawn,carson,jon,& kyle came over..they wound up sleepin there..i like carson..hes a sweeti..& yea..then they left larry at jess's on saturday & it was scary..then finally he left like 536735 hours later & after we were all freaked out..then we went 2 sleep & sunday hung out there..then went home..2day was monday 1 week since the accident..its jus not the same..its not rite..y her..erg..it should hav been that dumb bitch that was drivin..fuckin retart i hope u like 2 b 110 & u remember her face & her laugh & her voice everyday & u r huanted by her spirits bc u deserve it..wat were u thinkin? were u thinkin? u couldnt drive..y risk every1 lives..if its urs no biggie im sure no1 would miss u but it was pixie..this adorable lil girl who was way 2 young 2 die..i hope u suffer 4 the rest of ur life..


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[09 Nov 2004|05:59pm]




                                 .WE LOVE YOU.

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fun fun fun.. [08 Nov 2004|06:29pm]
[ mood | tired ]

well this weekend was fun..friday pam picked up me & jess & we went up 2 her apartment..it is soooo nice.well except the floor tiles on the wall..and the futon and the broke tables..& the "stuck in the '60s table", & the crayon colored wall..and the dead people..& the racoons..wow..ok but its really cool..lmao..friday we went there & hung out pam went 2 work..we made her dinner..it was good..then we went & met chris at dennys..omg he is soo amazinly hott..i thought i was gonna die..oh man..then we went home i believe..saturday pam called outta work..we went 2 the mall & best buy & other places..then we went bak 2 her house & watched viva la bam..then we went 2 the pool hall & out 2 eat at tic toc..then we went 2 spring romeo but we got scared & went bak 2 the car..then we went & met up wit tim jim & uncle steve..idk i was jus as confused as u..lol..then we went home 3 hours later..omg..we didnt get bak 2 the house till like 4:30ish..long day..then sunday we came home..& tismornin pam drove us 2 school & we went out 2 breakfast..but yea ok imma go now byez...


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LALALA [05 Nov 2004|10:56am]
[ mood | stressed ]

im so lazy i never update this anymore..cuz well i never really no wat 2 say but anyways..so..im goin 2 pa 2day..pams comin down 2 pick us up & were goin 2 her house till sunday..yay..i dont really remember easton 2 much..i remember we egged it..i hav 2 go bak..peace..


i was robbed of your kiss??

blah.. [28 Oct 2004|12:02am]
[ mood | tired ]

hi..im at jess's..& im bored..shes blow dryin her hair..uck..i hav 2 get up round 5:30ish..i dont wanna..im so tired..idk y..mayb cuz im used 2 goin 2 sleep round oh i dunno like 9 everynite lately & wakin up at like 4:30ish..but yea so ima go now..bye byes..


i was robbed of your kiss??

another phone call to hold on to another night alone, we made it through... [24 Oct 2004|07:21pm]
[ mood | blank ]

so its been fun..friday jess dunn came home from school wit me & i drove her 2 work shes funny..then we picked up ellie..shes cool 2 but i think donnas cooler..then we went 2 slappys house..& i woke her up..cuz she was sleepin..& we went 2 this thing in edison & it was fun..then we went 2 harolds..omg..that was a big sandwich..lol..then i slept over slaps..& saturday we hung out then we hung out wit bree & went 2 the hayride..got home at 1..well 2 slaps..lol..then 2day we hung out & then went 2 brees..then i walked home & went 2 shoprite & slaps 2 pick up my phone..well im leavin now byez..


P.S.24 days till i get my lisence..yay..

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yay.. [20 Oct 2004|05:43pm]
[ mood | cold ]

pam jus called..i miss her..i havnt seen her in awhile..she moved in2 her apartment..yay..lol..shes been in there seen sunday i believe..im so happy 4 her..our lil pam is all grown up..lol..she told me i hav 2 get a car so we can go up there on weekends..yea rite..im not aloud 2 hav a car until march & thats if i do good in school..blah..im gettin like progressivly worse..im like half dead & all the meds im takin rnt doin shit..i hav this severe congestion stuff thats supposed 2 make u not congested..didnt work..ugh..it sucks..& my meds the doc gave me yea they do diddly shit..erg..i hav 2 get better i need 2 get better..blah..im not sure if im goin 2 school tomorrow..i hav iss..& i really dont feel good so im not gonna b in the mood 2 sit there..but idk..im so bad at myself i got iss again..i promised myself i was gonna stay outta trouble..& its bullshit i didnt even cut this time..i only cut 1 class this year & that was 4th per..not 1st 4th..dumb bitches..blah..ok well im gonna go..i think im gonna go take another nap..& more drugs..byez..


i was robbed of your kiss??

blah... [19 Oct 2004|05:03pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

soo i hav been deathly sick lately..i went home early from school yesterday & went 2 the doctors the dentist..worst day ever..& 2day i didnt go 2 school cuz i had 2 go get blood taken..it sucked..i hate gettin blood taken..i hate needles..then me & mommy went 2 longhorns & we ate lunch..then we went 2 kohls..i got 2 new pairs of pants & a shirt..i dont feel good..i think im gonna go take a nap..byez..


i was robbed of your kiss??

erg.... [30 Sep 2004|05:10pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

blah..i hate school..i hate people..i hate everything..erg im so pissed off..tomorrow i can jus feel it im gonna b gettin in madd trouble..cuz im not in the mood..tomorrow im gonna b madd chill untill some1 starts runnin there mouth..erg..so yesterday i walked outta class cuz i wanted 2 go 2 my locker..& the fuckin douche bag said no..so i left..so i went 2 the office & was hangin out wit trish chris(i still think thats weird) & some cute kid 4 a lil while..the cute kid gave me a hug..cuz i gave him a cig & its the same 1s he smokes so he was happy & asked me if he could give me a hug..it was weird but cool..lol..then we went home..i went 2 jess's & was hangin out there..we watched godsend i left round 10:30ish 11..got home hung out fell asleep..2day sucked dick..i woke up at 6 jumped in the shower got out & got ready real quick..got 2 school..i got a 79 in bio not happy wit that..i hav 2 bring it up..i want i need a car..then second per i got in trouble alot cuz i was talkin but wat else is new..then 3rd per was cool up untill lunch..i almost beat pat kileys? face in..i seriously was i jus want 2 beat the livin shit outta him..im standin there & he starts callin me a whore..i got soo pissed off i swear 2 god..if i hear my name or anything regardin me comin outta his mouth tomorrow im gonna beat the livin shit outta him..i dont care if i get suspended & lose the money i dont fuckin care i jus fuckin hate this fuckin kid wit a passion..i swear 2 god i jus wanna kill some1 rite now i jus dont feel good pissed off totally depressed..ugh..i need hardcore drugs..i need 2 go 2 his house & smoke wit him..i think im gonna tell him he can smoke only if im wit him..hm..but i dont want him doin it at all..ugh..im so confused..i need alcohol..NOW..then i found out my grandma is goin in 4 bipass tomorrow..i swear 2 god..some1 is gonna say the wrong thing tomorrow & im gonna fuckin snap..like im flippin out soo badly..im kinda hopin i beat the livin shit outta pat & i get suspended 4 next week & me & my mom go down 2 see my grandma..i miss her..i dont like this..i dont want her 2 hav surgery..i mean i jus saw her last tuesday wed. & she was fuckin fine..im soo scared..shes the only grandparent i hav left..im gonna go now..god i hope i hav a good day tomorrow..byez..


i was robbed of your kiss??

[28 Sep 2004|08:53pm]
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hmm...this is weird.. [26 Sep 2004|12:43pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

y?? y would u jus change this wit out warnin?? r u aloud 2 do that?? i dont think u r..but ok..

soo..jess's surprise party was yesterday..thank u so much 2 every1 who came..even if u didnt hav fun or enjoy it..she was happy..& thanks soo much 2 rl..i love them..there awsome..but yea..last nite was an early nite..we came in bout 1:30ish 2..after every1 left we went 2 play pool then went 2 applebees..im bored..me & pam r sittin in jess's house waitin 4 her 2 get bak..mom & kris r in the room wit the door closed..eek..lol..

tomorrow we hav school..i need alcohol..blah..who wants 2 get me alcohol?????

well ima go..nuttin else 2 really say..byez...


i was robbed of your kiss??

blah.. [19 Sep 2004|09:06pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

im bored..well..i dunno wat 2 say..i had a GREAT weekend..can we redo it?? not change anything but the text messages & the whole no call thing..fuckin douche bag..

so wed. hmm..i went 2 susies..& so did slapster & megan & bree & cat..& yea it was fun..bree & cat sat inside watchin movies..we were outside hangin out wit nick i. & yea..i was textin messagin bear..& we were talkin i dont no if we ok or not...cuz it ended wit me lookin like an asshole..but its my cell phones fault..but it was a funny as hell nite..

thursday we hung out at jess's then walked 2 donnas..helped move a rug..then went 2 susies..& hung out..slept there..

friday woke up sat outside susies..dropped jess off..went home..showered & shit..made a cake..then went 2 the football game..then cat & meg slept over slaps..

saturday was slaps b-day..we woke up ate pancakes..me meg & cat left..went home finished the cake..& got ready went 2 slaps house..got dressed went 2 aunt cindys..hung out..went bak 2 jess's..meg came over..

sunday we hung out went 2 fuckin gay ass jackson day..came home now im gonna go piss..bye byez..


i was robbed of your kiss??

i am very dissapointed... [07 Sep 2004|06:57pm]
[ mood | sick ]

well friday fuckin sucked..went 2 school came home went 2 GA wit katie..then went home & fell asleep cuz i was tired..then saturday i went 2 susies house..& hung out..then we went 2 hollywood..& we watched movies..it was cool..sunday mornin i went home & couldnt sleep so i showered & shit..then i went 2 jess's that nite..& pam came bak..yay..lol..we went 2 play pool we met chris & mike there..it was fun..then we went 2 the park..omg it was soo fuckin funny..mike is cool as hell..hes funny 2..he took as 2 wawa & jess sprayed his axe all over the car & everything smelt..it smelt good after it fades off a lil..but when she went spray crazy i was in the bakseat chokin 2 death..pam & chris r never any place 2 b found..oh & when we were pullin in2 camp joy chris was drivin on his street bike & he crashed..i felt so bad..so then we were gettin ready 2 leave cuz chris didnt wanna get in trouble cuz he goes 4 his test 2 b a cop soon & if he gets in trouble he cant b a cop..so chris pulls out then me pam & jess do & mike is behind us..& as were pullin out a cop pulls in & stops mike..so we leave & we met chris in romeos parkin lot & hes like did mike get stopped? we were like wat?? then we all lose each other & we see chris & mike waitin at the end of forest drive & their followin us..& we miss the turn in2 the regent..so we had 2 go down & turn around & shit it was funny..then we all go in & eat..funniest meal of my life..we were all laughin so hard..then we leave..& we see pat chase & some kid..& we start talkin 2 them & shit..& it was all very funny..& then we do a chinese firedrill guess the driver..lol..then we went 2 my cousins..cuz we were bored..& then we go 2 fuckin pams grandparents..im tellin u her whole fuckin family is gonna hate me soon..pat was there..i got in a lot of trouble wit pam when we left..but thats soo not my fault..then we went home & then monday i went home 4 a couple hours..then we went 2 the psychic..i was literally cryin..i was ballin my fuckin eyes out..im so fuckin scared..hav u ever felt like everytime u start 2 get a lil bit happy that 1 thing gets ripped away faster then u can ever even fuckin imagine..like no matter how hard u try 2 hold on2 it the harder u try 2 b happy the sadder u get..i feel like im bringin it on myself but everytime i try 2 fix it i make it worse..i feel like i cant do anything rite everything is wrong..i need 2 get away..i wanna go on vacation again..i need 2 get outt..im goin now bye byez..


i was robbed of your kiss??

i miss summer... [03 Sep 2004|01:48am]
[ mood | hyper ]

ok so tomorrow scratch that 2day we go bak 2 school..fuck my dick..erg..im so happy tho..cuz october 15th i get paid $100..damn is my mom good at bribes or wat?? she told me if i dont miss 1 day of school 4 a month well 30 days in school she will pay me $100..sweet shit or wat?? i programmed it on my phone & everything..im not missin 1 day..haha..im so happy..lol..but i told her already the next day im outta there..its gonna b my day off..lol..

so weds. was some sick shit..it was funn..we got up got ready & we went out 2 wat does pam call it..? bruner..hahhaha..breakfast-lunch-dinner..lmao..me & jess applyed 4 a job there..i might b cashier cuz i hav experience..hm..ok..lol..jess might b busgirl..its cool tho..its money..they hav madd good food..then after jess got the bumble bee outta her fuckin pants(dont ask) & put it on pams dashboard we went home..& got ready again & went 2 seaside..it was fun..we got our palms read..im kinda scared..ok alot..she said i was gonna live a long healthy life im gonna hav twin girls then another daughter im gonna get married at 27 my husband is gonna b wealthy & i will work because i enjoy my profession & the guy i like i am havin troubles wit but it will work out 4 the best..im scared..i asked my mom if she ever had her palm read she said yea..& she was tellin me wat the person said & everything was right..i think its fuckin creepy..im scared..then after the boardwalk we went 2 go play pool wat else is new?? lol..i love playin pool..i didnt play tho..i had no money..i felt bad..we met these 2 guyz mike & chris?? there funny..mike is shy chris is hott..were gonna b seein a lot more of pam..& shes gonna swear shes here 2 see us when we no shes gonna b here 2 see chris..hahaha..lol..after pool the 5 of us went 2 camp joy..it was funny..we were hangin out 4 a while then after awhile i got pams keys some how & ran 2 the car..next thing i no jess is sittin in the passenger seat mikes in the bakseat & mike goes so u hav ur lisence?? i was like nah..i hav my permit..lol..it was soo funny..then we leave & we make 2 u-eys..& then we go bak & i hit pam wit her car..lmao..well she was on the hood of the car jess was hangin outta the window as i stepped on the gas then break checked her..lmao..it was soo funny jess said mikes face was priceless..then i was drivin 2 jess's & pam starts draggin her pepsi bottle along the road & it explodes so i had 2 go 2 wawa & then i drove 2 jess's..it was crazy..it was fun..then we were hangin out at jess's 4 like 5 mins & then we leave..the time i got home thursday mornin is round the time i hav 2 get up 4 school..rite now its 4:30 almost & im not even fuckin tired..bastards..lol..

pam left thursday..its soo weird..like bein home..not goin 2 the pool hall & pickin up guys..not hangin wit pam..& now i cant steal pams car anymore..lol..this summer has been the best summer of my life..im gonna miss everything bout it..i already do..hmm..school sucks..today after school im goin 2 g.a. wit katie..this shall b fun..lol..u should call my cell phone since u feel bad 4 me..lol..im gonna go & try 2 go 2 sleep..i dont think i am tho..im so fuckin cold..niteynite..i hope every1 has fun at school..haha..1st day of schools always the best tho..


i was robbed of your kiss??

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